4-Sided Table Tents

3 Side Table Tents
3-Sided Table Tents
March 19, 2016
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Custom Table Tent
March 19, 2016
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4-sided Table tents
3 Side Table Tents
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4 side Table Tents

4-Sided Table Tents

Our table tents can be printed in a variety of finishes to reflect the type of business that you run. We offer laminated and gloss finish table tents with excellent durability. These are a great choice if your offers tend to last for a long period of time, as the table tents can be used for extended periods. If your offers tend to be shorter term, you can choose a lightweight, flimsier table tent print run in a less durable finish

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Many of the promotional print materials we offer are aimed at persuading new customers to consider your product or services. Table tents are a way to gain additional sales from customers who are already engaged with your business. Whether it’s drawing attention to menu items or meal deals, or promoting your special offers and events to persuade them to come back on another occasion, table tents are a way to cross sell and upsell once customers are already on your premises.4 side Table Tents

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